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Romance Is Dead

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Why love?

I love his smiles. They are infectious. The way his eyes crinkle and light up. They differ, depending on what sparked them. There is one. A special one. Reserved for me. It comes out once in a blue moon. I can see the love in his eyes. I’d jump through hoops to see that smile.

I love his touch. The sweet contradiction of soft and rough. Even an accidental brush sends shivers down my spine. Our chemistry is undeniable. Palpable.

I love that he is real. A challenge. He doesn’t take me as I am. He pushes me to be better.

I love that we are different. He exhilarates and infuriates me. We disagree on many things. We see the world from drastically different viewpoints. But I see him above all else. 

I feel him in every bone in my body. In sleep, I reach for him during nights we are apart. Its not the excitement, the butterflies, the lust that comes at the beginning. Its a deep fire. One that can simultaneously stir and calm my heart. 

He is the last piece of my puzzle. Without that piece, you could still see the picture, but it would never feel complete. 

Submitted by dandelionwines

"An eclectic mix of writers, including Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Tim Key, Josie Long and Nick Warburton, provide ten very different perspectives on love."


This is all kinds of genius

I initially listened for Josie Long and Time Key but this was an all round treat. Lesson 10 is my favourite because it captures the joy and pathos of love and memories.

(Possibly UK only due to iplayer restrictions)

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Short Film of the Day: In Wong Fu Productions’ “Strangers, again,” Josh (Philip Wang, who also wrote and directed) breaks the fourth wall to take viewers on an introspective tour of relationship stages as he reflects on the uncertain future of his romance with Marissa (Cathy Nguyen).


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I interrupt the sporadic posts to draw your attention to the new theme, its not the colour of love but I feel it looks good none the less. I’ve also added the Ask/Message feature if you’re so inclined to do so.

Now, on to business. In an effort to expand the wheelhouse of this blog I’m going to try and solicit more reader interaction with submissions, stories etc and generally try to move to more of an interactive mode rather than passive, sparse posting.

Up first: Who do you love and why?

Think about that person or people you can’t live without and why that is. Then send it on over here via email or the submit button. It doesn’t have to be long, just make it from the heart. I’ll post the best ones as they come in.

Lets see what we can do.

"I cannot help feeling there is something essentially wrong about love. Friends may quarrel or drift apart, close relations too, but there is not this pang, this pathos, this fatality which clings to love. Friendship never has that doomed look. Why, what is the matter? I have not stopped loving you, but because I cannot go on kissing your dim dear face, we must part, we must part."
- Vladimir Nabokov, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (via silklace)

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Moth Podcast: Mike Destefano struggles with how to give support his wife, who is dying in hospice. One of my favourite stories from the moth.


This is heartbreaking. The story of a love affair from the start to terminal cancer. “It’s like hearing a beautiful song from a busted radio.” Amazing true life drama through the prism of animation. A brilliant bit of work by the Rauch Bros

Weekend Getaway

After my sophomore year in college, the love of my life left to visit her family in the Dominican Republic, a period I decided was far too long for me to go without seeing her. This was the time for something big: she was the girl I’d fallen for at first sight and pursued for over a year before anything happened. After nearly two years, we still hadn’t quite made it to boyfriend-girlfriend.

I decided I’d fly down and book the nicest hotel I could afford. She would sneak away from her family and spend three perfect, idyllic days with me. It was to be an unforgettable affair. We would frolic naked and feed each other fresh fruit.

Impetuous and in love, I had much less trouble convincing myself than I did convincing her, but I did it. She’d tell her parents that she was spending the weekend with some girlfriends who were vacationing nearby and then sneak off to meet me.

At the hotel, she tried to say her goodbyes in the car, but her mother wanted to come inside and “meet these friends I’ve been hearing about.” Flustered, my sort-of girlfriend struggled to come up with a believable reason for why that was impossible. Which, of course, made her mother insist.Things started to go wrong when her mother offered to drive her to the hotel. She said she was fine, and didn’t want her to go out of her way. Her mother insisted, she again refused, but her mother, like most mothers when they sense something’s up, was adamant.

I was waiting in the lobby, unaware and positively overcome with childlike excitement. The moment I spotted her I was sure there was nothing else in the world. It took most of my available mental capacity not to run over and tackle her.

I forced myself to walk over coolly, and luckily so; my feigned nonchalance bought me just enough time to notice the expression of terrified urgency on her face. She was furtively waving me away, trying to pretend that her friends were a no-show.

It went way too fast. I course-corrected, confused, and pretended not to know who she was. I brushed by her, my shoulder inches from hers, teasing but never touching. Then I sat in the lobby and watched as she pretended to be confused and annoyed, speaking to her mom. Then I watched her leave. I’d come 1,500 miles to miss her by five inches.

I spent the rest of the weekend sitting alone in my hotel room. She called eventually and apologized profusely. Despite everything, I forgave her.

That trip was neither the first not the last in a long line of bad decisions inspired by my love for this girl. Four years and numerous grand gestures later, I’d like to tell you how it ended, but I’m still working on that. — Jude Gibson

- Taken from Nerve and their piece about Grand Gestures of Love Gone Wrong this was my favourite.

Submitted by jujubees 

Submitted by jujubees 


10 Scenes from British TV Shows
9) Green Wing - I Like You


10 Scenes from British TV Shows

9) Green Wing - I Like You

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